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Elton Wildermuth [ nitnorth@nithaus.org ] said at 10:26 on 31 July 2014:

Happy birthday, Leigh Ann. I love you.
Samuel Shult [ dionysusiv@yahoo.com ] said at 09:31 on 16 May 2014:

Thinking of you today, old friend. I love you. Thank you you for everything. Thank you for loving me.

Paddy [ padraic_stephens@yahoo.com ] said at 10:29 on 14 May 2014:

Another turning of the wheel for us, but for you the night of dancing under the hill has just begun.


Take a break between sets and raise a glass for us.  We’ll do the same in Quincy for you.  Sadly this time we raise a glass for Duibheasa too.  Welcome her, she loves a good reel or jig.


My heart is heavy.

Jeanne Anne Decosta [ djeanneanne@yahoo.com ] said at 14:44 on 06 March 2014:

hi .. i stream music over the internet & on Freyja's Days (Fridays) i stream Pagan Spiritual or Goddess music .. i'd give the url but you say not to so i wont .. also in Moon Days i stream Celtic .. i have compiled a list of Pagan musicians & albums & Leigh Anne Hussey is on it but i didnt have her music .. so i found you guys & got her her 4 albums + Annwn & Nuit & Uglytown .. so i'm happy to share this music for free w/ whoever listens .. my stream is called ~Annie's Majikal Muzikal Medley~ & it can be found on AudioRealm or you can just put the url into whatever media player you like .. i hope you dont consider this spam .. i just wanted to thank you for telling about Leigh Anne's life & for making her cool music available .. thanks! 
Helena said at 21:54 on 22 January 2014:

I didn't know you.  I wish I had or at least had a chance to. Your music has helped me through some bad times, so through the universe to you I say thank you.  Rest in peace.
Padraic Stephens [ paddythebear@yahoo.com ] said at 11:34 on 19 June 2013:

Seven years and I still miss the creative light you took with you into The Sidhe.  Someday, I will lie upon the Hill of Tara and listen in the cold of the night for that five stringed fiddle and that sweet powerful voice.  Raise a glass for we who are left behind in the mortal world as we do the same for you who dwell beneath The Hollow Hills.

 Go raibh míle maith agat, Siobhán, agus teacht ar ais chugainn lúcháireach.

nitnorth said at 19:02 on 16 May 2013:

Here we go again ... a year passes like nothing. Seven. Martinis in your honor, that's on the agenda for later tonight. Excuse me, I mean "martoonis". I love you.
Generosa Litton [ generosa..litton@yahoo.com ] said at 23:18 on 22 April 2013:

Hello Leigh Ann,

I recall having a blast with you and the Annwn gang.  It was an interesting time in my life and in my career as a recording engineer.  I remembered seeing you and Elton at the Russian River a few months after we wrapped the recording. Your music lives on.



emerson said at 05:19 on 09 March 2013:

Hi, LAH...  Was thinking of you tonight apropos of absolutely nothing, and was delighted to see all of this stuff still being tended and updated by your immense posse of friends and loved ones.  Flipping through the pix in the photo album brought me back, very strongly, to a younger, louder, stranger time in my life that you were always near the center of.  You helped steer me toward being who I am today, and I owe you quite a debt still.  Miss you.  xo.
nitnorth said at 09:08 on 11 August 2012:

Happy anniversary. I love you more than I can express.


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