Leigh Ann's obituary, from the Bay Area Reporter

This obituary appeared in the Bay Area Reporter, an LGBT paper. (Unsigned, but submitted by Pat McGregor.)

Leigh Ann Hussey

Leigh Ann photo Internationally known singer-songwriter and Berkeley resident died May 16, 2006 in a motorcycle crash westbound on Interstate 580 in Livermore, California. She was returning from a day of geocaching.

Leigh Ann's music had fans globally, including places as remote as McMurdo Antarctic Base and farms in New Zealand. In the past 12 years, she expressed her varied musical interests in several bands: Annwn, Ashby House, Nuit, and Brazen Hussey.

As a member of the White Rats, a queer/pervert/leather Morris team who sew their Morris bells on their arms, she danced at most Berkeley May Day festivals and in many Folsom St. Fairs.

She also rode her motorcycle with her partner in the annual SFLGBT Pride Parade and Celebration. Her original music strongly celebrated the LGBT lifestyle.

Hussey, 44, had been active in the Neopagan community all her adult life. At the time of her death she was active in the area Thelemic community.

She graduated from UCB in 1984 as a music major with a minor in Celtic Studies. She is survived by her brother, actor Colin Hussey, father Rob, cousin Cynthia, and her partners Caitlin and Elton.

For more information on Leigh Ann, please see her memorial page at http://www.nithaus.org/LA.

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