How to contact Nitnorth:
A primer

A surprising number of visitors to this site have an auto-responder on their email. If someone who they don't already correspond with sends them an email, it spits out a little note starting more or less like this:

To control spam, I now allow incoming messages only from senders I have approved beforehand.

Does that describe you? Do you intend to email me? Do you want a response to your email? If yes to all the above, then you need to do one little thing before you send me any email: add me to your whitelist. Otherwise, what will happen is, I will get one of those reponses, and that will be the end of the conversation. Full stop.

I'll even make it easy for you. Just copy this address, since that's where the response will come from: "".

If you're looking for help or information, or if you want something from me, I'm happy to help. Delighted, in fact. Honestly. But you have to do your part, because I don't play the fill-in-the-form-to-prove-I'm-okay game when the whole reason I'm contacting you is to give you something you asked for.

Are we straight on that? Excellent.

Yes, I'm willing to put that address out there in a way that you can copy and paste it, because web-crawling robots won't recognize it. If you want to see how I did that, view the source for this page. I always use that trick for sensitive information, because I care.